Friday 2 December 2011

Felt name picture - Mia

Felt name in frame - Mia

Most of the things that I make seem to be for Harry at the moment, so I wanted to make something pretty and girly for Mia. I'm also a bit stuck for little Christmas presents for her. I'm still really enjoying crafting with felt at the moment, so I decided to frame her name in felt. I thought that we could put it up in her room or maybe on her door.

Mia name framed in felt

I bought a cheap pack of frames from Ikea, just £1.69 for three. They have thick plastic instead of glass, but that's probably safer for childrens' rooms anyway.

Cheap picture frame from Ikea

Whenever I imagine my felt creations they are always in delicate pastel shades, but most of my felt is bright colours and to be honest I prefer a more vivid look anyway. So I chose purple and pink for the letters. I cut out the smaller letter and sewed it onto a square of the contrasting colour before cutting around the edges. This was easier than cutting out two fiddly shapes. For a template for the letters I chose a font in Word (emboldened Bookman Old Style), enlarged it and then traced it off the screen.

Letters cut from felt

I painted the frame with acrylic paint which covered it nicely in one coat. I am not afraid to mix brights and pastels!

Picture frame painted pink

For the background I used some plain white linen fabric, and I just glued on the letters. I intended them to be in line with each other, but they came out a little larger than I expected. I like how they look misaligned anyway. I was going to embellish it further with buttons, ribbon, sequins, felt flowers etc., but in the end I felt that simple was better. It would be easy enough to add to it if I thought it needed a little extra something.

I liked it so much that I went on to make one for Harry - Felt name picture - Harry. At least both my children have short names so can be easily fitted into the frame!

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  1. That is lovely! What a good idea.

  2. I love those ikea frames - so versatile and the felt is fab!