Sunday 18 December 2011

Moving house - it's on the market!

We have had an exciting week this week:

House with a For Sale sign outside

We have exchanged contracts and will be moving house at the beginning of January. We've started getting some quotes for removal firms, and although we like to save money wherever possible we are seriously considering paying them to pack for us this time. Since our last move we have accumulated a lot more stuff, in particular in the toy and childrenswear departments. It's a good opportunity for a bit of a clear out too. If you know me in real life keep an eye on your in-boxes as we try to offload our clutter!

Any tips on making the move with a toddler and a baby as easy and pain free as possible, please let me know!


  1. I think the best tip is to get someone to take baby and toddler off your hands for the day :)

  2. That's brilliant news, congratulations! I hope that you manage to move smoothly - def agree with Helen about seeing if someone can take you little ones for the day.

  3. I agree with Helen. You should let the toddler and the baby stay somewhere else for a couple of days so that you can focus on solely the moving process. When your mind is at ease, so will your moving out phase be. I agree with you too to hire removal companies to do the packing for you. You need to spend a little bit more but it is going to be worth it. They can help from step 1, to the self storage, all the way until you reach your new home.


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