Wednesday 14 December 2011

Father Christmas #3

Eagle eyed readers will note the absence of Father Christmas #2. This was a charity visit in the town centre at the weekend, accompanied by Ram.

Today was the first baby group Christmas party, with lots of fun activities (make reindeer food, scatter glitter about, ice gingerbread men). At the end Father Christmas made his appearance, and Harry retreated behind a row of chairs at the back of the room. He told me that he couldn't move because he had broken down and his wheels were stuck. So I had to go over to Father Christmas and ask him if I could possibly have a present for Harry. There was a glimmer of excitement as Harry unwrapped something pink, but it turned out to be a bottle of bubble mixture which Harry promptly upended on the laminate flooring, sending toddlers skidding and sliding off in all directions.

We have another chance for Harry to meet Father Christmas tomorrow at the next baby group party.

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