Sunday 4 December 2011

Our Christmas decorations - Surfing Santa

Yesterday we put up our Christmas decorations. My approach to Christmas decorating is to collect things that I like and then throw them at the tree. No nicely co-ordinated, matching displays here. We are fairly discriminating when it comes to purchasing decorations though. That way, the ones that we do have hold memories for us which we can relive every year.

In late 2007, the year that we were married, we were lucky enough to take a delayed Honeymoon on a round the world trip. We arrived in Hawaii at the beginning of December, although of course you wouldn't have known it by the weather.

Drinking from a coconut on the beach in Hawaii
This didn't mean of course that the preparations for Christmas weren't in full swing - there was a local radio station devoted to Christmas music, we saw a Christmas parade through the streets and the local Walmart was full of Christmas decorations. We didn't have much space left in the suitcase at this point, but how could we resist Surfing Santa?

Surfing Santa Christmas decoration

Have fun decorating!

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