Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Harry has a Halloween party at nursery today. He wasn't very keen on dressing up, but we managed to persuade him into an outfit of sorts. He told us that he wanted to be a pumpkin, but by this he meant that he wanted to put an actual pumpkin on his head. Luckily we have a pumpkin hat which he was satisfied with.

Halloween with a toddler

We carved a pumpkin at the weekend with help from Grandma, and he decorated a bag himself which was a kit from Tesco. Talking of Tesco, I may have mentioned that we live very close to a very large Tesco, where we seem to find ourselves on a regular basis. Well they have set the standard on what is to be expected for Trick or Treaters locally with their large multipacks of sweets and chocolates on big displays throughout the store. I'm not sure if we'll open the door tonight, unfortunately we live in an area where we are more likely to receive threatening teenagers in hoodies than sweet little toddlers, and we also don't want the ringing of the doorbell to mess with the delicate procedure that is bedtime.

Halloween with a toddler

Have fun if you're celebrating!

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