Sunday 30 October 2011

Littlehampton Bonfire 2011

We've made it to Littlehampton Bonfire for the last few years. It's really good, because it always seems very child friendly, or at least more so than larger local celebrations like Lewes. It does seem to get busier every year, but we always manage to find somewhere to stand where there aren't too many people and we can get a good view of the procession. There are also lots of other small children, so everyone is considerate of you with pushchairs.

The procession started at 7.45am, so we aimed to arrive in Littlehampton at 7pm. Unfortunately we had a bit of a directional mishap and ended up at the wrong end of town, so we had to take a bit of a detour to get to our usual parking spot. We aim to park to the east of the town centre on one of the roads off the seafront, and then walk in. This evening was a two pushchair trip, which was a bit of a mission but needed to be done.

Littlehampton Bonfire celebrations 2011

The procession is always very good, and you can tell that the participiants have put a lot of effort in. There were some lovely themed floats, and of course the local bonfire societies with their torches. Mia was wide awake through most of the procession just staring straight ahead, she was hypnotised by the lights. The highlight for Harry was the noisy steam traction engines.

Littlehampton Bonfire celebrations 2011

When it had finished we doubled back to a new viewing spot and watched the procession again, before heading down to the seafront to watch the fireworks. We had an excellent view. Mia stirred but slept through them, and despite our and his best efforts, Harry fell asleep halfway through. Maybe next year he'll last through the whole evening!

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