Saturday 22 October 2011

Southwater Country Park

Another lovely day today, and as we hit the after lunch slump we knew that it was time to get out of the house. We drove up to Southwater, a nice slow drive to provide an opportunity for Harry to have a quick nap. I haven't been to Southwater Country Park for a long time, although I have been quite familiar with it in the past from canoeing with the Scouts, raft building with the Guides and hanging out in the playground as a teenager. It was pretty much how I remembered it (although smaller, isn't that always the way!).

Southwater Country Park, West Sussex

Harry loves playgrounds and this one was perfect for him, with a nice long slide and lots of climbing opportunities.

Southwater Country Park, West Sussex

Mia was very contented in her carseat/wheels combo and didn't make a peep. The path around the lake was nice and smooth, perfect for walking with a pushchair. There is also now a lot more fencing than I remembered. It's good in some ways because it stops little ones hurtling off into the lake, but it did feel a bit claustrophobic. The jetty out into the lake is also now closed off unless you are taking part in watersports, perhaps too many people fell in. We forgot to take bread for the ducks which Harry wasn't very impressed about, something to remember for next time.

Southwater Country Park, West Sussex

I always say it, but we do all feel better for getting out in the fresh air!

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