Saturday 1 October 2011

Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort and Aberporth Beach

First thing we went out to feed the animals as usual. Harry loves feeding the chickens, he thinks it's hilarious when they flap about.

Feeding chickens on holiday

Then we went to visit Castell Henllys Iron Age Hill Fort. It is a collection of reconstructed Iron Age roundhouses which you can go inside. It was very interesting, although I was surprised to find they have based the houses and interior furnishings on just a circle of holes in the ground. The roundhouses though are built on actual ancient foundations on the site. Harry seemed to enjoy it, Mia was less impressed unfortunately.

Castell Henllys Iron Age Hill Fort buildings

Harry was a bit tired so he had an Iron Age nap (for about twenty seconds).

Castell Henllys Iron Age Hill Fort

In the afternoon we went to Aberporth Beach. Another beautiful beach and another beautiful day. It was getting late in the afternoon but still really warm. Mia slept in her pushchair and Harry was happily entertained making sandcastles and playing with his truck, perfect.

To celebrate Ram's birthday we had a meal out at Gogerddan just down the road. The food was lovely and it was very toddler friendly, although unfortunately Mia didn't appreciate the significance of the occasion and screamed through most of it, so she spent her evening being walked up and down outside while we ate in shifts.

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