Sunday 2 October 2011

Gwili Steam Railway, Carmarthen

Today we went to the Gwili Steam Railway near Carmarthen.

Gwili Steam Railway near Camarthen

It was coming to the end of the season so we were a bit limited with dates, and it so happened that today was a special 1940's day. This made the day a bit more interesting, with lots of people dressed up and extra entertainment. Harry eagerly awaited the arrival of the engine.

Gwili Steam Railway, Carmarthen

It had to go around the carriages and then connect from the other end in order to change direction, something which fascinated Harry and we saw him re-enacting with his train set later on.

Vintage steam train rides

Luckily it wasn't too busy, and we were able to get a compartment to ourself to avoid other passengers being inconvenienced by a restless baby.

Historical train carriage

It wasn't a very long journey, although for the price of your ticket you can ride the train all day. We rode up to  Danycoed Halt, where the train stops for the engine to go round to the other end. Then we got out at the halfway stop Llwyfan Cerrig Station where the train stopped for about half an hour. There was a bit of entertainment going on and Ram took Harry to look inside a Royal Mail train carriage. There is also a miniature railway there. Then we returned to the start point Bronwydd Arms Station. 

Child in old train carriage

It was a very pretty journey alongside the River Gwili and we had a really enjoyable time.

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