Monday 3 October 2011

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

Today we went to Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, near Cardigan. It kept us happily entertained for several hours. First we walked down towards the coast past several fields with different animals in. It was another lovely day, very breezy but not cold. We saw miniature horses, pigs, cows, geese, an emu, donkeys and a llama among other creatures. We were aiming for a view of the seals, but it was a bit rough going with a pushchair and although Harry did very well it was too far for him to walk. So we didn't see any seals but we did get some nice views of the coast.

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

Back at the top of the hill was a really good outdoor playground which included a large sandpit complete with a multitude of sand toys which Harry loved. Inside there were more indoor toys and puzzles in a large cafe area (we got the feeling that it was geared up for days when the weather is not quite so good). There was a lot to see and we thought it was very good value for money.

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

Later in the afternoon we returned to Poppit Sands. This time we set up camp next to the rocks, and Ram built a dam so that Harry had a small pool to play in. We went looking in the rock pools and found fish and shrimps, although unfortunately Peppa Pig has built up false expectations of what is commonly to be found in rock pools. Luckily Mia slept in the pushchair long enough for Harry to get himself nice and sandy.

Poppit Sands beach, Wales

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