Tuesday 25 October 2011

Trying to persuade the toddler to walk

We never bought a double buggy. It seemed a lot of expense for something that we wouldn't get much use out of. Harry was 2 1/2 when Mia was born, and we thought that it wouldn't be long before he was able to walk further, and we've still got enough pushchairs that they can have one each on a longer day out anyway.

If I'm taking the two of them somewhere that is a bit of a walk, I put Harry in the pushchair and Mia in the baby carrier. For shorter distances Harry walks, or I can put the carseat onto the wheels of the travel system, leaving a small step that Harry can hop on to if he's tired.

It's getting to the stage though where Mia isn't always happy in her carrier, and she's also getting a bit long for it. It's fine when she's asleep, but when she's awake she can be a bit grumpy and wriggly. I'm trying to persuade Harry to walk a bit more often to get him used to it.

Trying to persuade a toddler to walk

So today we went for a nice autumn walk to the playground and to collect acorns. He managed to walk most of the way, just hopping onto the pushchair for the last bit home. Can't believe how lovely the weather has been this autumn!

Trying to persuade a toddler to walk

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  1. What we used to do was punch holes in the acorns, then push or glue orange sticks in to make arms and legs and add a head, then paint them.


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