Saturday 8 October 2011

I must go down to the sea again...

Welcome to the next post in my beaches of the UK series. We do seem to have been spending a lot of time at the beach lately, and today we went to Littlehampton. Littlehampton beach is good because it has more sand and is much better for building sandcastles that Worthing. It's also fairly easy to park along the roads out of season and there's a small pier and boats to see. It's pretty much shut up at this time of year though, although there were plenty of people about.

Littlehampton Beach, West Sussex

I hope that it's not just us, but most of our outings with the little ones seem to begin and end with screaming. Now that Mia is here there's a fair chunk of screaming in the middle too. We had a number of pitying looks today as Mia screamed and screamed in her carrier as we walked about desperately trying to calm her down. Other people always assume that crying babies are hungry, but I'd just given her a big bottle of expressed milk, so I knew that she'd had a good feed. I still tried to feed her anyway and she wasn't interested. She's just not a fan of the beach at the moment.

Harry on the other hand makes a big fuss about getting ready to go out, and then when he is out he never wants to come home. I must admit that we nearly gave up getting him out the door today, but he really did have a good time when he was out, he always does!

Littlehampton Beach, West Sussex

I like walking up and down the beach and looking for interesting shells in the pebbles. I even found some sea glass today. There was another lady walking along looking just as intently through the pebbles, I would have loved to know what she was looking for! Although she probably wondered the same about me!

Littlehampton Beach, West Sussex

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