Friday 11 November 2011

Keeping the peace with a toddler

One thing that I have learned about toddlers is how much everything has to be just right. And if you do something as a one off (possibly to avoid a tantrum), you then end up doing it every time (or else you end up with a tantrum greater than the one that you were originally trying to prevent).

Here are some of the things that I now find myself doing:

  • Cutting the morning toast into eight small triangles, which need to be positioned in the middle of the plate with small pieces of cheese arranged around the edges.

  • Cutting the lunchtime sandwich into a circle, thus creating what we call a "Button Moon" sandwich. Harry makes the holes in it himself with his finger. Additionally, a small piece of cheese must be provided before the sandwich is served, "for my mouth".

  • Tempting him to sit in the pushchair with a small tub of Cheerios.

  • Letting him wear socks to bed, no matter how warm the bedroom is.

  • When food is prepared in the kitchen, Harry must carry it to his booster seat himself and strap himself in. If I carry it for him by mistake it must be returned to the kitchen and carried in again by himself.

  • The bedtime routine must be followed exactly or else we need to go back to the beginning and start again. The routine takes the form of bath (a traumatic event), play on Daddy's tablet, book, knee cuddle, possibly another book, knee cuddle, tuck up in bed, milk, another knee cuddle and bed. Any deviation results in screaming, and there is always the very likely possibility of being called back for further knee cuddles.

  • Letting him wash his hands after the toilet by filling the entire sink with water, only for him to dabble his hands in it briefly before pulling out the plug. Sometimes another sinkful is required to ensure the task is completed to his satisfaction.

What do you find yourself doing to keep little ones happy?

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  1. He is putting his world into order and showing that he has some control over it (and you!). We had the singing the bedtime lullaby routine. It stops eventually!


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