Thursday 10 November 2011

Toddler busy bag activity - threading

I love putting together toddler busy bags. Threading is another activity that can easily be put together from items found around the house. Toddler busy bags are a great way to entertain toddlers for a short period of time.

Threading busy bag for toddlers

For this bag, all you need is something to thread with, and things to thread on to it. When looking for something to thread on to, try to find something that is a bit stiffer than just string, perhaps coated wire which is easy to post through holes. Pipe cleaners also work really well, as the fuzzy surface stops things slipping off. I've used a freezer bag clip at the bottom of the thread to stop things falling off.

Toddler busy bag activity - threading

Some ideas for things to thread - beads, paperclips, buttons, cut up pieces of drinking straw, penne pasta, eyelets, washers, cotton reels. This activity can also be adapted to suit the age and ability of your toddler. As your todder's hand/eye co-ordination improves you can thread objects with smaller and smaller holes. You can include more beads in the busy bag so that the child will have a finished necklace or bracelet which they can wear.

Toddler busy bag activity - threading

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