Sunday 13 November 2011

Shoreham Bonfire and Fireworks 2011

This year for the first time we went to the Shoreham Bonfire Society celebrations. We arrived early to watch the parade, only to discover that it was just people walking down the road, so we had a bit of a wait for the fireworks. This necessitated a dark beach feed, illuminated only by camera flashes, and hoping that there was no literal flashing going on in anyones snaps! But when the fireworks started they were very good and worth waiting for. There was an impressive bonfire on the seafront too. Our lesson learned for next year - arrive just before the fireworks start!

Shoreham Bonfire and Fireworks celebration 2011

A friend recently told me that her son had just seen his first fireworks, at Harry's age. It made me think how many times we have dragged little ones out to watch fireworks - he has seen at least four professional displays in the last couple of weeks alone, and Mia has seen two. By his first birthday he had seen several displays, and when I was pregnant I felt his first proper kicks watching fireworks.

I hope that people don't think that we are irresponsible taking a small baby out at night. She is well wrapped up, and not cold, but we do realise that she is getting the least benefit out of all of us. Having said that, although she slept through her first display, she was watching these fireworks and she wasn't scared or upset. Perhaps dragging them out at night though might be part of the reason that we have poor sleepers. Friends have told me that they don't want to upset their childrens' (brilliant) sleeping routines by taking them out after bedtime!

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