Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Tell Me About Yourself Award

So I finally got around to coming up with some fascinating things about myself to share for the Versatile Blogger Award, and now I've been tagged with another award and I need to think of some more interesting things! I hope that they are interesting enough, you may notice that most of these things relate to my life pre-children, perhaps I was more exciting then!

I have kindly been tagged by Trouble Doubled, so I would like to say thank you very much, it still surprises me that people other than my Mum and immediate family are looking at my blog! I need to reveal seven things about myself and then pass the award on to another fifteen bloggers. So without further ado:

1 - I love painting my nails, although these days I don't have the time to sit around and wait for them to dry. When I was a teenager I had such a large collection of colours that I could paint half of each fingernail a different colour and still have some left over.

2 - I studied German at university and spent a year living in Germany. I still never fully got to grips with those adjective endings though.

3 - Most of the books on my bookshelf are childrens' books that I've read so many times I practically know them by heart. Enid Blyton features heavily, also the What Katy Did books and the Blue Door Theatre books.

4 - Although I now have a smartphone, I still feel a bit of nostalgia for my old pink Motorola phone. Things were so much simpler then. Also no-one would ever have tried to steal it.

5 - I can play music by ear well enough that I can pick out simple tunes on childrens' toys. When Harry was a baby I borrowed for him an Octotunes from the toy library and entertained him by playing songs from In The Night Garden on it. (Search for Octotunes on YouTube and you will see that I am not alone).

6 - At school, I won a prize for RE. This was less due to my interest in the subject and more down to my ability to memorise facts and regurgitate them into an essay during an exam. In this case, a long forgotten yet extensive knowledge of the rituals and stages of the Hajj pilgrimage.

7 - I can touch type at about 85 words per minute. This is how I have time to write a blog.

I'm not very good at tagging anyone in these things. So I will say what I usually say, if you would like to take part then please consider yourself tagged!


  1. Thank you for carrying this on. I too read all the What Katy Did series. I loved them. X

  2. Great finding out a little bit more about you!


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