Wednesday 16 November 2011

The weaning face

Starting to wean Mia onto solids brings back all the fun of trying to spoon sloppy puree into an unpredictable, mobile mouth. I know, I know, baby led weaning is the way to go, and we will do an approach based upon this when she's a bit older, but for the time being I like the security of spooning in the food, and the pureeing and freezing in little pots appeals to my organisational tendencies.

Harry always used to shove his fingers in his mouth at the same time as the spoon, but Mia seems to be a much tidier eater which is nice. But one thing that I had forgotten is the weaning face.

Not this one...

Baby being fed with a puree

...but the one that I find myself making as I move the spoon towards her mouth. Am I the only one that opens my mouth just as much as she does, in an unconscious effort to persuade her to copy me?

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