Saturday 5 November 2011

Toddler busy bag activity - pasta, pots and bottles

Toddler busy bags are really good to have on hand when you need some quick activities to keep a toddler busy for a few minutes. I keep mine all together in a shoe box that I can pull out when I'm looking for something quick to keep a toddler entertained for a little while. This dried pasta, pots and bottles busy bag is easily put together from things that you either have around the house or can keep an eye out for.

Toddler busy bag activity - pasta and bottles

I store my individual busy bags in these sandwich bags from Ikea which are great for keeping children's small toys organised as they come in a variety of different sizes, these are the smallest. For the dried pasta I've used macaroni pasta because it fits nicely inside the bottles and doesn't take up too much space, but you could mix it up a bit with a variety of different sizes and shapes. Dried pasta keeps for ages, my children are still playing with pasta that has been around for years.

Toddler busy bag activity - pasta and bottles

For the bottles and pots, clear ones are good if you can get them so that children can watch them filling up. I use bottles from hotel toiletries and sample sized bottles, and there is also a Kinder egg inside in there too - it's nice to provide a range of sizes and openings. The screw top bottles can be difficult for a toddler to open, but keep an eye out because once they have mastered this skill then none of your bottles in the house are safe! Everything can be scooped up in to the bag easily when you've finished.

Toddler busy bag activity - pasta and bottles

Obviously this activity is best for an older toddler that will not put any of the small items into their mouth, and even older children should only play under supervision. 

Have fun!

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