Thursday 3 November 2011

Magnetic felt fishing game

I've always loved crafting with felt, you can buy such beautiful bright colours, it's easy to sew, and you don't need to worry about the edges fraying. You can make some lovely long lasting toys for young children with felt, and mine have had a lot of fun playing with this magnetic felt fishing game.

How to make a magnetic felt fishing game for children

The game is so simple to make and little ones love it. Just lay out the felt sea creatures on the floor and try to pick them up using a magnetic fishing rod. You could develop the game further by assigning points to each creature and/or introducing a time limit.

felt sea creature fishing game

You need:

Felt in a variety of colours
Small beads/buttons
Cotton or embroidery thread in a variety of colours
Small amount of stuffing
Washer or large paperclip for each creature
Short stick or length of dowel
A magnet

To make the felt sea creatures, I made paper patterns to work from, and my creatures measure about 10 cm across. Simply use your template to cut the shape out of felt, decorate as requried with embellishments and embroidery, and sew together. I've used a small amount of stuffing in most of the creatures. Mine are only decorated on one side, but of course you could make them reversible. Sew in the washer firmly at one end.

To make the fishing rod, attach a magnet to a piece of string. I used a circular magnet, and I cut a small circle the same size out of cardboard. I made a hole in the centre of the cardboard and threaded a piece of string through and then glued the cardboard to the magnet. This way the string came out of the centre of the magnet. Then tie the other end of the piece of string to the stick.

I made a felt treasure chest, angel fish, seashell, turtle, starfish and clownfish...

felt sea creature fishing game

...and a felt killer whale, tiger barb, seahorse, anchor and seaweed.

felt sea creature fishing game

The creatures you make can be adapted to suit the felt colours that you have available, I tried to use a variety of different colours. I didn't have enough washers for each one so I used paperclips for the smaller creatures, which do still work although washers are better if you can get them.

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  1. wonderful sea creatures... i was looking for some design ideas then i bumped into these cute handicrafts ofyours.. good job! please like my facebook page and follow my blog too... thanks!

  2. Those a gorgeous!! How lovely indeed!



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