Monday 28 November 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

As part of this award, I've been asked to come up with some facts about myself. So here goes!

1 - I had two weddings (to the same person!)

2 - I hate having my hair cut. I pretend that it is because of the cost, but actually I just hate having it done. I then spend a lot of time complaining that my hair is too long and sheds everywhere.

3 - I dream of a minimalistic lifestyle living on a canal boat, but I'm too much of a hoarder.

4 - I like collecting things, but they have to be free. Examples - shells, sea glass, promotional postcards, stickers, confetti and bubbles from weddings.

5 - I am quite well travelled, in my life pre-children that is. In 2007 I visited nearly every continent -  Europe (Belgium), Africa (Egypt), Asia (Singapore), Australia (all over) and America (Chicago).

6 - My first job was in a library and I loved it. I wouldn't be surprised if I find myself working in a library again at some point in the future.

7 - I can count to ten in Japanese


  1. Of course you can! I didn't think that you'd want to! Consider yourself tagged :)


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