Saturday 12 November 2011

Knocking down baby group

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened this week was the knocking down of baby group.

Well over a year ago, a huge new Tesco opened just down the road from where we live. They replaced a much smaller store, but on the land they wanted for some of the carpark was an old Community Centre where we used to go to baby and toddler group. So they came to some arrangement whereby they would build a new Community Centre at the far end of their plot of land, and then they could knock down the old one. They've finally finished the new building, and the diggers have flattened the old one this week.

This destruction has been fascinating for Harry, and even more so because it was a building that he knew and had been inside. Presumably for safety, but rather disappointingly, Tesco erected large hoardings around the site, so there was only a very narrow crack through which you could view proceedings. Even so, I think that Harry would have happily spent all day there.

This afternoon I found him recreating the scene with his Duplo. I did give him a little bit of help, note the safety barrier (with a Harry brick looking through), and the new centre visible in the background as he transfers over the toys before knocking down the old one.

Child playing with Lego and digger

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