Wednesday 9 November 2011

More gingerbread men and Button Moon

So I've still been too lazy to make gingerbread dough from scratch. But we were in Sainsbury's at the weekend and spotted this ready made dough. We've had the cookie dough from there before and it was very nice, so we thought we'd give it a go.

As long as it was taken out of the fridge to warm up it was pretty easy to roll out, and also very smooth. When I make biscuits I always end up with bits stuck to the rolling pin, but it didn't happen with this dough. It was very firm though, so quite difficult to mould other than rolling. We decided to make Button Moon themed gingerbread. We cut out lots of circles and used a drinking straw to make the holes in the middle for Button Moon.

Gingerbread men and Button Moon shapes

Below is one of the trays ready to go into the oven. The pack says that it makes 8 gingerbread men, obviously this is dependent upon the size of your cutter but I would think that it would make a few more than that. Perhaps they expect people that are too lazy to make the dough from scratch to also be too lazy to re-roll the leftovers from around the edges to make more biscuits! We made a spaceship and Mr Spoon's house, as well as Mr Spoon, Mrs Spoon, Tina Teaspoon and a few extra moons.

Gingerbread men and Button Moon shapes

Harry was a lot more interested in the smarties than decorating the biscuits, but I think that we made a pretty good effort, this is just half of them! And they tasted nice too.

Gingerbread men and Button Moon shapes

Just realised that this sounds like a big advert for the dough. They didn't pay me, honestly!

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